The Cunningham Press would be nothing without the tireless efforts of its contributing artists,
who pour their hearts and souls into their work. Catch a glimpse of these people:

Austin Granger portrait.jpg


Born in San Francisco in 1970, Austin Granger has worked as a baker, house painter, naval radar operator and camera salesman. He first began to photograph while studying philosophy in college as a way to get out of his head. Preferring to use traditional film cameras, Granger has come to see his photography as a spiritual practice–a way in which to shape his life and enrich his relationship with the world. He likes motorcycles a lot too. 

Listen to Austin at the Portland Art Museum talking about his work, or read an interview with PhotoArtMag.

Austin's personal website, where you can find many more of his works, is austingranger.com and you can send him an email at austin@austingranger.com 



A jack of all trades, and probably master of none, Paul Cunningham is the heir apparent to the legacy of The Cunningham Press. It was his idea to bring these works of fine photographers, artists, and authors to the public. He is also a photographer in his own right, and particularly enjoys making portraits and pretty pictures in black and white.

His website is www.veryCunning.com



Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1965, Peter was fascinated with photography from the age of 12. He is self-taught as a graphics artist, photographer and filmmaker. Photography was and is for him a way of seeing more consciously. He experiences this process as an integration of body, soul, and spirit. He photographs for clients, but also for his own projects. In his free time he is often out with his kayak, and of course a camera is almost always on board.

Check out more of Peter Schäublin's current work at www.peterschaeublin.com, and learn about his graphics firm at www.720.ch. On his YouTube channel you can find several "Making Of" videos from his projects. 



Marko was born in the Slovenian town of Kranj in 1971. He holds degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Photography. He began his photography at age fifteen while studying chemistry in secondary school. His first darkroom was also his sleeping room at night. Marko would say that he has a rather split personality, photographically speaking:  one side is dedicated to landscapes, black and white, and palladium printing, while the other is passionate about high speed photography of birds.



If you are a photographer, writer, or artist, and would be interested in being represented by The Cunningham Press, drop us a line: paul@thecunninghampress.com